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14 Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages To Print For Kids


Valentine’s Day is a ton of fun for kids, but there’s only so much chocolate you can really let them eat, right? How do you fill a Valentine’s Day evening at home after they’ve had their fill and handed out cards at school? Because don’t forget: You may want to stay home with the kiddos that night, seeing as most of your favorite restaurants will be overrun with dining couples and PDA. So, how to keep the kids occupied? Hearts, hearts and more hearts.

Coloring books give your kids a chance to work on coordination and fine motor skills, and to be totally imaginative and creative. We put together several different Valentine’s Day coloring pages — from hearts to animals to cupids — so they can celebrate the holiday with their own unique color schemes.

Whether kids choose a loveable zebra, a heart-holding bear or a fun-loving cupid, they’ll have a great time on Valentine’s Day with these printables. And hey, why not let them color outside the lines on this one? Love tends to get a little messy anyway.

A version of this article was originally published in March 2014.

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