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All the Times Jennifer Lawrence Showed off Her Evolving Fashion on the Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence burst onto the red-carpet scene in 2011 when she was a part of the awards show cycle for her role as a poverty-stricken teen in the indie film, Winter’s Bone. She was only 20 years old at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, but she made a long-lasting fashion impression with a crisp and clean Calvin Klein silhouette with beach-y waves and an air of simple elegance. In 2012, she was named a Dior ambassador, a position she still holds today and is a major part of her red-carpet looks.

Her style has evolved from exploring styles and shapes to finding the perfect partnership with someone who can push Lawrence’s wardrobe envelope and still let her personality shine. Stylist Jamie Mizrahi, who also works J-Law’s pal Adele, described the 33-year-old actress’ fashion motto as “care enough without caring too much.” Her wardrobe is relatively straightforward and modern but isn’t driven by what’s trendy,” Mizrahi told British Vogue in 2023. “There’s a clean, relaxed way to how she dresses.”

Lawrence has a custom of making her ensembles memorable, too. We will never forget when she wore that blush pink and off-white Christian Dior haute couture design — the ultimate Oscars ballgown — and then tripped up the stairs on her way to collect her Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. The gorgeous fabric billowed around her as she elegantly fell in the most graceful Old-Hollywood way and cupped her head in her hands as we got a gorgeous shot of the back of her dress. Embarrassing? Probably for a moment, but a fashion star was born that night.

The No Hard Feelings star is still making waves over a decade later. In 2023, she attended the Cannes Film Festival screening of Anatomy of a Fall where she managed to break the internet by not following a very controversial dress code regulation. When the shoes she was supposed to wear turned out to be “a size too big,” Lawrence whipped out a pair of her flip-flops and sported them under her gown. As she gathered her dress to go up the stairs, photographers snapped images of her bare feet in her beach shoes.

It turns out the film festival requires women to wear a high heel, so fans thought Lawrence was making a “political statement.” As it turns out, she was just being practical and avoiding an Oscars repeat with the steep Cannes staircase. “I had no idea until it came out that there was a whole controversy with people wearing flats or walking down the red carpet barefoot, I had no clue,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “My shoes were a size too big.” We wouldn’t be surprised if everyone person on the red carpet started wearing comfy shoes again at Cannes — who needs a dress code?

Don’t miss Lawrence’s fashions over the years (lots of Dior coming your way) — from her first baby-faced appearance at the Venice Film Festival to her crowning style-queen moment at the 2024 Golden Globes.

Here are Jennifer Lawrence’s best red carpet fashion moments:

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