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Exclusive Clip: The Way Home’s Newest Unexpected Twist Might Derail the Landry Family’s Entire Mission

Spoiler Alert: This story will contain spoilers for The Way Home up to Season 2, episode 5.

If you’re already caught up with the latest episode of the Hallmark series The Way Home, then we’re guessing that you can barely wait until the next episode of the show comes out on Sunday. After all, the last episode of the show ended on one of the biggest cliffhangers to date.

In case you need a little refresher, the fifth episode of the show, titled “Long Time Gone,” ended with present-day Kat (played by Chyler Leigh) in 1814 as she waits for her long-lost brother Jacob, who’s now a fully-grown adult, to come back from the war. That is, however, until Jacob gets arrested for treason right when he arrives at the beach. Why was he arrested? What did he do? Will Kat ever get a chance to meet him now?

With all these questions still spinning in our heads, the sixth episode of the show, which airs on March 3 on Hallmark, couldn’t come fast enough.

Luckily, however, SheKnows is revealing an exclusive clip of the next episode that will have questioning everything they know about Jacob and his disappearance.

“What do we do Elliot? This is so wrong! We both know it’s not Jacob, mom is back there waiting for his boat to come in,” Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) says to Elliot (Evan Williams). “The forensics people can’t have possibly found him.”

Does this mean Jacob’s body has been found? If so, is he still a child like when he disappeared? That would be impossible, right?

“So what should I tell Del?” Alice then asks about her grandmother (Andie MacDowell) “Do I tell her the truth?”

Elliot, who seems to be getting frustrated at Alice’s reaction, then gives her a major reality check. “There is no truth, not yet,” he says. “Besides, do you think Del would even believe it? You can’t say or do anything, we can’t get our hopes up.”

“It’s not even certain Kat’s gonna find Jacob, let alone bring him back,” Elliot continues. “I’m sorry, but we have to be realistic.”

At that moment, Kat texts Alice saying that she’s back from time-traveling and is back to work at the Herald. “Tell her I’ll meet her there,” Elliot says as he gets in his car. “I’m coming with you!” Alice says.

It looks like this episode will only make fans have more questions rather than get any answers for the ones we can’t stop thinking about. We can’t wait!

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