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Pamela Anderson’s Latest Refreshing Definition of Success Shows Just How Much Her Career Changed

Whether or not you’ve seen Pamela Anderson‘s tell-all memoir Love, Pamela, or her 2023 Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story, we all know Anderson has been through a lot in her life. From her five marriages to her sex tape scandal back in the ’90s, Anderson has gone through quite a whirlwind all under the spotlight.

In a recent interview, however, Anderson, who bravely reignited the no-makeup trend in recent red carpets, talked about how her attitude towards fame and success has changed over the years.

“Success is living your life as you want,” Anderson told High Snobiety magazine for their latest cover. “I feel successful because I’ve overcome and gotten through certain things and feelings.”

Her changing attitude, however admirable to us, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. “This drives my kids nuts because my kids are ambitious,” she said. As a reminder, Anderson shares sons Dylan, 26, and Brandon, 27, with her ex Tommy Lee.

“They’re calculated. They’re men. They’re young, and they have all this passion,” Anderson said of her boys. “But they’re materialistic, and I keep going, ‘Eh, it’ll pass.'”

With that said, she hasn’t fully separated the idea of being successful from being wealthy. “We all get roped into, ‘Oh, I want to be successful so I can have this and this, and show people that I’m cool, chic, admired,'” she admitted. “And then we’re all just left with debt and a fancy car.”

“It’s just like chasing age,” she added. “You’re not going to win. A life is less conclusive than that.” Talk about a reflection that could change the world!

“Love is the most important thing in the world,” she then concluded, above all the fame and money. “So if you’re in love, you’re brave, and it’s an important thing to cherish.” How beautiful!

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