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The Spring Collection of Mystery-Scented Squishmallows Is Here & They’re the Perfect Easter Basket Stuffer

There are several truths about toys that are seemingly timeless: If it’s super big, it’s super awesome. If it’s mini, that makes it badass in its own right. If it glows in the dark, that earns it bonus points. And if it’s scented, you’ve got a winner.

Strawberry-scented, grape-scented, bubble gum-scented — it doesn’t really matter! It barely even matters if it’s accurate. If it’s got a scent, it’s cool. Case closed. Even though the idea makes me cringe as an adult, I certainly subscribed to that belief as a kid. I had as many scented school supplies as possible, and I would take a whiff of my chocolate-scented highlighter whenever I needed a mood boost.

So it only makes sense that kids are loving the new scented Squishmallows. The ultra-huggable plushies now come in a variety of scents and are sold in “mystery” packages. Because who doesn’t love a little suspense and intrigue?!

Squishmallows Original 5-Inch Scented Mystery Bag — Spring 2024

And so we were so excited to see the Spring 2024 collection of scented Squishmallows is now available on Amazon. Each scented Squishmallow is just 5 inches tall, meaning they fit perfectly inside a basket.

Bonus points if you actually hide one inside a plastic egg!

And if you’re looking to add a little variety, you can throw some Fall 2023 mystery-scented Squishmallows in there too. (Crazy! We know!) Because you know what they say about variety being the spice of life and yada, yada, yada. But mostly because they’re 20 percent off and are sure to be a collector’s item one day.

Amazon shoppers agree these mini stuffed animals are “adorable” and “too cute.” The scents are just a [super cool] bonus.

“My sons each got one of these as a present this week and it was a hit!” one shopper wrote. “They love Squishmallows and had never had one with a scent before!”

“My daughter loved it,” another said. “[It] smells just like some real sweet strawberries.”

Smells like a real winner to me!

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