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Baby names starting with "W"

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Name Meaning Origin
Waahib Liberal. Donor. Muslim Baby Names
Waa’il Coming back (for shelter). Muslim Baby Names
Waa’iz Preacher. Advisor. Muslim Baby Names
Waamiq Loving. Friendly. Muslim Baby Names
Waathiq Confident. Strong. Muslim Baby Names
Wabiba Giver. Donor. Muslim Baby Names
Wacfeld From Wake's field. English Baby Names
Wacian Alert. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names, English Baby Names
Wacleah From Wake's meadow. English Baby Names
Wacuman Watchman. English Baby Names
Wada Advancer. English Baby Names
Wadanhyll From the advancer's hill. English Baby Names
Wade Moving. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names, English Baby Names, Scandinavian Baby Names, American Baby Names
Wadee’ Calm. Peaceful. Muslim Baby Names
Wadi’ Calm. Peaceful. Muslim Baby Names
Wadley From Wade's meadow. English Baby Names
Wadsworth From Wade's estate. English Baby Names
Wadu Legendary son of Seithved. Welsh Baby Names
Waed Advancer. English Baby Names
Waefreleah From the quaking aspen tree meadow. English Baby Names

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