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17 best slip-on sneakers of 2022 for every style and budget


I’m one of the goofiest people I know, that’s why when slip-on sneakers for humans over 2 became all the rage, I was one of the first people to welcome the trend with open arms. As someone who is often late everywhere I go, I love the fact that after spending hours choosing an outfit, I can (literally) put on a pair of shoes and run (again, literally) towards the door without having to sit down or take the time to tie the shoelaces I will inevitably end up tripping later anyway.

Although I’m not an athlete or even someone who wears sneakers with jeans, the ability to have a quick, easy, and comfortable shoe to slip on easily with any outfit is hugely appealing to the sneaker lover. lazy mode in me. When slip-on sneakers first came out, there weren’t many options other than plain white.

Years later, there is now an option for every lifestyle. Almost every major sneaker brand, from Nike to Adidas and Puma, offers at least some slip-on options, and a few big fashion brands like Gucci and Balenciaga do as well. A few years ago, when I bought my first pair of slip-on sneakers, I had no idea what a gateway they would become to the multitude of them I own today.

Now I have several pairs of slip-on shoes for almost every situation in life, from traveling to walking, more intense workouts like running, and even some really cute shoes that don’t look like shoes at all. sneakers.

Below, check out the best slip-on sneakers for your most comfortable life ever:

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Ideal for running

Adidas Cloud Foam Pure Women’s Running Shoe

Gone are the days when slip-on sneakers were more gimmicky than functional, and these are the ultimate proof of that.

If the fact that these are Amazon’s best-selling sneakers isn’t enough to sell you, let one of the 35,000 reviews (most of them from runners) convince you.


Ideal for travel

Hey Dude Wendy Loafers Shoes

Hi guy


With over 11,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, happy customers love the moccasin look of these shoes. The versatile shoes are available in 31 colors and are ideal for travel as they can easily be dressed up or down.


Ideal for comfort

Ugg Bren Slip-On Sneakers

From the makers of some of the most comfortable and perhaps most popular winter boots ever, these shoes are just as comfortable.

Sure, there’s no plush inner lining, but the cotton mesh fabric molds to your foot perfectly while the thick, cushioned footbed provides excellent arch support.


Best range of sizes

Atoms Trainers Model 000

Pakistani husband-wife duo Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali founded Atoms to make the best everyday shoe, and they did.

With a huge range of sizes from 3.5 to 15, Atoms even offer the innovation of quarter sizes, which is a huge blessing for my size 7.5/8 feet. The antimicrobial lining is also ideal for sweaty feet.


Great for sneakers that don’t look like sneakers

Marianne Naturalizer Slip-On Sneakers



These feel as comfortable on a long walk as they look in a cute LBD at happy hour or jeans and a t-shirt at brunch. They’re available in fun solid colors as well as neutral leopard and snakeskin prints.


Best Essentials

ASOS DESIGN slip-on trainers

ASOS design


The ultimate shoe essential, it’s made from faux leather that wipes clean easily with a damp sponge, so it’ll stay looking brand new for years to come. The inner lining is comfortable enough to wear with or without socks and in any season too.


Best Designer Dupes

Aldo Crerralle Jogger Sole Shoes



We’ve all seen those chunky designer sneakers on the catwalks, and since not all of us have several hundred dollars to shell out for a pair of shoes, this is the ultimate solution. Don’t be fooled by neon laces, they are pure decoration.


Best sustainable option

White Rainbow Sneakers by Rothy

Made from yarn made from plastic water bottles, Rothy’s are loved by many for their comfort and sustainability efforts, from Megan Markle to nearly every influencer on my Instagram feed.

Available in 12 colors, from solid neutrals to fun prints like camo and leopard, don’t be afraid to get dirty with these. The easy-to-clean shoes are machine washable, including their comfortable insoles.


Best sustainable option

Sorel CAMPSNEAK Women’s Slip-On Sneakers


Chances are you’ve owned, or at the very least spotted, a pair of weatherproof boots from Sorel, and these shoes are suitable for most outdoor activities as well.

The waterproof lining and durable rubber soles make it a durable choice for hiking or camping without having to worry about getting muddy shoelaces.


Best unisex option

Veja V-Lock Trainers

Yes, these unisex shoes have straps, but once you adjust them to your comfort level, they’re wearable for life (or until your feet grow).

What’s great about these is that the level of fit allows for some leeway in case you want to wear them with or without socks for all four seasons. Made from recycled fabrics, they are also a sustainable option.


Best waterproof option

Teva Ember Convertible Slip-On Sneakers

Suits you


Inspired by the sleeping bags you used to pack for high school sleepovers, this shoe is much more comfortable with a removable, padded insole and a completely waterproof exterior.

Don’t let the plush look fool you – reviewers love to take these durable shoes on backpacking trips and for boating.


Best expandable option

Adidas Superstar Slip-On Sneakers

These unisex shoes are universally flattering with the neutral colors and fun gold accent. Plus, the stretchy fabric makes them easily conform to the unique shape of your feet.

The chunky footbed makes them ideal for when you know you’ll be on your feet for a long time, from long walks to race days.


Best dressed option

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Caralee Toe Cap Slip-On Trainers

Karl LagerfeldParis


Whoever said fashion should mean pain has clearly never seen these shoes. The chic patent stretch is made even more chic with touches of gold. They’re perfect for long days of window shopping, for work, or on the go when you want to look a little dressier.


Ideal for cold weather

Women’s wool lounge chairs

If you’re anything like me, the thought of wool on your feet feels like a sweaty nightmare, unless it’s in my fuzzy indoor socks. These wool slip-on trainers are made with a specially designed thermo-regulating fabric to minimize odor.

These are also machine washable, so go ahead and wear them carefree, anywhere.


Ideal for social impact

Guillermo Flores Iguana Slip-On

Blanx is all about using their shoes, which are all distinct pieces of wearable art, to draw attention to almost every aspect of social change, from gender equality to climate change to diversity and almost everything. the rest.

Each pair of shoes involves a partnership with a notable artist, and a portion of all sales are donated to various philanthropic efforts. But the brand doesn’t just do good, Blanx guarantees comfort – 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or you can return them for a full refund.


Ideal for walking

Puma Women’s Prowl Walking Shoe


The breathable exterior of these meets a high collar and back that helps support your ankles if you plan on walking a lot or are prone to ankle sprains like me.

These also provide enough support that I can take them to the gym for elliptical or rotation training and strength training.


Ideal for every day

ASOS DESIGN slip on trainers with tassel in white



They’re not the best option for a long walk or a gym session, but they’ll be your go-to shoes to keep at your desk or in your bag for backup when your heels start hurting your feet.

The fun pom pom and sleek, all-white design goes with almost any outfit and life situation, so don’t be surprised if it becomes your new go-to.

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