Slip-on sneakers

19 best slip-on sneakers – cute slip-on shoes for women 2020


As you know, lace-up boots and strappy sandals can turn any outfit into a obscene. But sometimes ties and buckles can really slow you down.

Fortunately, the fashion gods have solved this problem for you with slip-on sneakers. With them, you don’t have to worry about laces coming loose and you’ll never have a problem putting them on and taking them off when going through airport security. (I can’t wait to plan an epic vacation when you can finally travel safely again, can you?!) If you don’t already have a pair, seriously, what do you do?

There are several cute and comfy styles that won’t make your outfit look rushed, even if you dress up in a hurry. Just wait until you see fancy backless sneaker options, cool sock designs, and chunky platform styles below.

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If you like the color

Classic Slip-On Sneakers

This brand originally created their slip-on shoes for skaters, but fashionistas like me can’t get enough of all the fun colors.


If you need a classic

Mule sneakers


If you need something to wear without socks

Women’s wool loungers

Do not sleep on Allbirds slip-ons. They are made with eco-friendly merino wool, which minimizes foul odors and absorbs moisture.


If you are an athlete

Rally basketball

I hate to interrupt a run on the treadmill to tie my shoes, but this sporty sneaker has no laces, and this light pink color is cay-ute.


If you like details

Brief Chuck Taylor All Star

I know I know. This pair has laces, but they’re actually tied to stay in place. All you have to do is slip your feet into it. And, yes, it’s totally fine to walk on your back.


If you like shopping for a cause

Alpargata Slip-On

Yes, Toms is always an easy choice when you’re in a rush. When you buy a pair, the brand donates another to a child in need. Why not jazz things up with this lemony option?


If you need something that fits everything

Anchor to put on canvas

You can wear these Keds with anything: a dress, shorts, skirt, endless. Can’t smell the pink? They also come in neutral shades of black and white.


If you hate shoes that rub against your heels

Cam Vintage White Shoes

Imagine if mules and sneakers had a baby (a cute one, by the way), it would probably look exactly like that perfect summer shoe. And, no need to worry about blisters getting in the way of your ankles, thanks to the backless finish.


If you need an alternative to sandals

Sammy Breeze

Yes, you can give open-toed shoes a little break, even in hot weather. This pair of slip-on shoes feature sheer mesh overlays that will give your feet a little airiness.


If you need something a little dressy

Street shoes in perforated leather

So you got something fancy to do, huh? You can dress up your look with an option made with a luxury material, like leather.


If you need an instagrammable shoe

Shatter mid-top sneakers

Anything rose gold will help you get all the tastes. I love that you can train with these guys too, and I’ll take whatever motivates me to get into the gym right now.


If you need extra height

Baja Platform Tie-Dye Slip-On Sneakers

This one has a flat heel that’s easy to pull on. And who doesn’t love that tie-dye life?


If you need to stand all day

salt honeycomb

Do you know how certain shoes need to be broken in before wearing them? Not this pair. You can enter it right away.


If you need extra cushion

TechLoom Bliss Trainers

APL: Athletic Propulsion Laboratories

The soles of these slip-on sneakers will make your toes feel like they have their own little mattress to rest on.


If you like sneakers

Homer 2 sneakers

You literally get the best of both worlds with this sneaker. Here, that casual tennis shoe vibe meets the slightly chic look of espadrilles.


If you need a non-slip option

Crest Twin Gore Trainers

Sperry Top-Sider

This attractive shoe without laces has a sole designed to be worn on slippery floors.


If you like noble materials


Yes, you’ll be comfortable in this pair, but you’ll also look like a million bucks, thanks to the luxurious faux croc finish.


If you need a trendy sneaker

Kinetic Basketball

Did you know that Sorel also manufactures sneakers? Well, it’s true. And this style will make everyone stop and stare.


If you need more comfort

Tulip 139 perforated slip-on sneakers

People who stand on their feet all day swear by this pair (read the reviews). Plus, the perforated scallops and fun colors make this a fun option to have in your wardrobe.

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