Brogue shoes

7 brogue shoes for men to pair with a formal look

For corporate men, evening wear will feel like a second skin. From single-breasted suits and striped ties to crisp shirts and tailored trousers, they wear it all, but to match it all, do they have the right pair of shoes? Probably not. Athletic sneakers won’t cut it, while open-toed sandals won’t either. But brogues will. Defined by their decorative accents along the body, these formal shoes will be the right companion for a business meeting or a formal function.

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Brune Brogues are multi-toned with a tan body, decorative plum wingtips, and a darker maroon toe box. The bonus is that its sole is made for all-weather grip.

The See and Wear brogues are a classic pair of brown leather brogues with a lace up front and decorative designs along the body.

(45 ratings and 60 reviews)

The Marswalk Oxford Shoes are dark brown brogues with a darker toe box, minimal pattern, chunky heel, and EVA footbed.

The One8 Select by Virat Kohli Brogues are burgundy leather and rubber shoes with a classic pattern along the body and a sturdy sole.

The Symbol Formal Shoes are unique shoes in navy blue leather with a brogue pattern, light blue laces and a light brown sole.

(116 ratings and 166 reviews)

Levi’s brogues are the ones you should choose if you have your eyes set on the traditional brogue style. In warm brown, the leather shoes have a brogue pattern and a matching brown sole.

(45 ratings and 72 reviews)

The BATA Formal Shoes are beige synthetic shoes with perforated patterns along the body, matching laces and black soles.

(47 ratings and 65 reviews)

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Your formal look can’t go wrong.