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Amazon shoppers love Joomra lightweight slip-on sneakers

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If you’ve lived in lounge sets and pajamas, putting on shoes for going out can seem like an insurmountable effort. After all, no sneaker can be as comfortable as wearing fluffy socks or walking barefoot…or can they? Lately, Amazon shoppers are obsessed with the $33 slip-on sneakers that they say feel “light as a feather” and like they’re not wearing shoes at all.

The Joomra lightweight sneakers are loved for their soft, stretchy fit that easily conforms to most feet. People who have struggled to find shoes for their big, wide feet in the past rave about how “incredibly comfortable” these sneakers are. Shoppers with a five-foot-short stature are also impressed, proving that comfy toe kicks have nearly universal appeal. While the slip-on sneakers were released less than a year ago, they have already garnered over 4,900 positive ratings on Amazon and become a bestseller.

Made with a mesh material, the sneakers are designed to prevent overheating during walks, jogs and weightlifting sessions. They have flexible synthetic soles and a 3D woven upper that will let your feet move freely. Thanks to the rear tab, you can quickly put on and take off the sports shoes without even having to touch the laces. Plus, they have a low cut that’s great for staying cool and dry when temperatures heat up. (Reviews note that you’ll want to pair these with no-show socks, like that $16.)

Buy it! Joomra lightweight sneakers, $32.99;

You can buy the sneakers in 15 colors – including mauve, wine red, violet, black and white – and sizes 5 to 11.5. While the prices start at just $20 and up to $33, shoppers are comparing the sneakers to more expensive brands like Nike, Vans, Skechers, and Converse.

“I love these shoes!” said one reviewer. “They are ideal for standing and walking as the insoles contain little raised ‘bubbles’. Normally I would put an extra insole in shoes like this, but I haven’t yet and I don’t I don’t plan to. I’m on my feet most of the day and my feet feel less tired when I’m wearing these trainers than when I’m wearing a very similar branded pair.”

Athletes and nurses swear by the shoes, noting that they don’t get tired, sore feet when they wear them all day and train in them.

“I needed white shoes to go with my scrubs for nursing school, and couldn’t believe how comfortable these sneakers were when I put them on,” another reviewer wrote. “They fit like a glove, and I’ve worked two 12-hour shifts on them with no issues.”

Complete your comfortable wardrobe by shopping the lightweight Joomra sneakers below. Your feet will thank you.

Buy it! Joomra lightweight sneakers, $19.99 to $32.99;

Buy it! Joomra lightweight sneakers, $32.99;