Loafer shoes

ASOS shares snapshot of ‘beautiful’ moccasin shoes just like the iconic £ 700 Guccis

Starting today, March 8, we’re finally allowed to meet a friend for coffee on a bench as Covid restrictions begin to ease in England.

This obviously means it’s time for a new pair of shoes, as the muddy sneakers and comfy slippers of the lockdown are SO 2020.

ASOS shared a preview of a new item in their shoe collection on Instagram: a chunky pair of black loafers with an adorable daisy detail.

However, shoppers are divided as to whether they’re cute or hideous, though there’s no denying that they’re reminiscent of an iconic pair of Gucci loafers that high fashion enthusiasts will drool over.

The Gucci Alternative has been a mainstay of the luxury fashion brand’s catalog since the 1950s, going through various iterations to keep them current and contemporary. They are currently priced at around £ 700 which makes ASOS ‘£ 35 pair a real bargain.

The ASOS version does have a certain school shoe vibe, however, reminding many shoppers of the chunky Clarks rubber-soled shoes they would reluctantly wear on chilly September mornings.

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However, they also have an original and trendy touch with the addition of pretty daisies that never be allowed on the playing field.

“I used to wear shoes like this in high school in the late 90s … without the flowers though!” Said one buyer.

“Oh yeah,” said another with daisy emojis.

“Obsessed,” said a third.

“It looks like something we would have worn in the ’90s!” Said another, taking inspiration from the huge’ 90s fashion trend for spring and summer 2021.

What do you think of ASOS shoes? Let us know in the comments here.

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