Slip-on sneakers

Isle Jacobsen’s comfy slip-on sneakers are on sale

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My mom has been through a lot of shoes over the past few years, not because she’s obsessed with shoes, but because she tends to wear them. many. She works in retail, which means long hours on her feet (on a hard concrete floor, to boot), so she really appreciates comfortable, quality shoes that won’t leave her with foot or back pain. at the end of a nine- hour work.

After years of searching for a comfortable, yet cute! shoe, my mom finally set her sights on Ilse Jacobsen slip-on sneakers. It was the cool sole that first caught her eye, and when she finally found them at a great discount at Nordstrom Rack, she decided to pick them up and wear them right out of the box. Two years later, she is a full-fledged Ilse Jacobsen shoe fan with a collection of three pairs of her perforated sneakers. And since they are currently unmarked at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, she buys more.

“They’re stylish, but so comfy,” my mum replied when I asked her why she liked them. Ilse Jacobsen sneakers. And to be honest, that’s the perfect and most succinct way to describe them. That soft rubber sole it was drawn to gives the shoe instant dimension, as does the perforated upper, both fashionable and practical – the small teardrop holes ensure excellent airflow while throughout the day. “Oh, and they’re super light,” she added.

the top rated sneakers come with removable cushioned insoles that you can throw in the wash when they get too smelly. The non-slip sole is also a plus, especially when walking through a retail store where spills happen almost every day.

But I think the main selling point of this slip-on sneaker is the fact that my mom can stand in them for nine hours straight – and at the end of the day, she’s not running to throw them. In fact, she’s wearing them right now, and I think she’s finally convinced me that I need a pair too.