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There are many things we do simply because we have always done them. These things aren’t usually better or more effective – they’re just habits. Bending over to tie and untie shoes is a great example. But this archaic way of putting on shoes is called into question by Kizik. The company has a new, more efficient way of dressing and is creating very satisfied customers.

What are Kizik shoes?

Slip-on sneakers are neither new nor revolutionary. Vans introduced its Classic Slip-On in 1977. And going back further, Nils Tveranger’s Aurland shoe was introduced in the first decade of the 20th century. Kizik, however, is a relative newcomer to the hands-free shoe market. Although the company only launched in 2017, it quickly caught the eye of another bigger company: Nike. Nike invested in Kizik in 2019 and was rewarded with innovative technology designed to provide greater access to sport for all athletes. Over the past few years, Kizik shoes have rapidly gained popularity, proving to be more than a gimmick.

What makes Kizik shoes different?

Kizik shoes are not typical shoes. The company spent a long time researching several materials that could be used to create a durable and flexible heel band before discovering an ideal solution. Kizik shoes use aerospace titanium which is strong, flexible and durable. The material can hold up to over 40,000 flexes, or about four years of daily wear. In addition, the titanium bracelet retains its beneficial characteristics in hot and cold weather.

Although shoes didn’t start out as the most fashionable option, over the years the company has created a wide variety of styles that suit both casual and athletic wear. The fabric is breathable and lightweight, making the shoes as comfortable as they are practical.

Can Kizik shoes be washed?

While it’s convenient to be able to clean your Kizik shoes in the washing machine and then put them in the dryer, the company doesn’t recommend it. Instead, the cleaning instructions on Kizik’s website state, “Clean your shoes with [a] damp cloth, mild soap and water. Pat dry after cleaning. Although the insoles and laces can be removed and washed by hand, the shoes themselves should never be soaked. Additionally, no part of the shoe should ever be placed in a dryer.

Are Kizik shoes true to size?

Kizik’s official wording on shoe sizing is that “products are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet industry standard sizing.” However, if you read the details offered on each style of shoe, you will find a disclaimer stating that if you prefer more space, you should order your shoes half a size larger. Additionally, it’s wise to browse style-specific reviews to see if there’s a size trend.

Who can benefit from wearing Kizik shoes?

Generally speaking, anyone who prefers convenience can benefit from wearing Kizik shoes. They are well made, comfortable, stylish, easy to put on and reasonably priced. This is why these shoes are exploding in popularity. However, in addition to being a time saver, Kizik shoes can benefit anyone with mobility issues – whether you’re getting older, pregnant, or have any other condition that makes it difficult or impossible to put on shoes the traditional way. Kizik shoes can also be rewarding for children who are striving to be more independent.

What if I don’t like my Kizik shoes?

A user-friendly feature of Kizik shoes is that the company offers a 30-day warranty. If you decide you don’t love your Kizik shoes for any reason and less than 30 days have passed since your order date, you can exchange or return them with no shipping or restocking fees to the United States. United. However, the only important stipulation is that the shoes must be returned in their original condition: no scuffs, marks, signs of wear or any other damage. This means that your trial wearing period does not have to be performed outdoors.

The best Kizik shoes

Kizik Madrid

The Madrid features a breathable stretch-knit upper with contoured insoles and a lightweight injected foam outsole for all-day comfort. It features a basic design and is available in a limited number of colors.

Sold by Amazon

Kizik Prague

Kizik Prague

The Prague has adjustable lacing to ensure a secure fit. It’s one of the company’s sleekest lines and features a breathable canvas upper with rubber traction pods.

Sold by Amazon

Kizik Vegas

Kizik Vegas

The Vegas is a slightly more expensive style. It has premium full-grain leather uppers that don’t require a break-in period. This style also features adjustable lacing and a rabbit foam outsole for all-day wearing comfort.

Sold by Amazon

Kizik Lima

Kizik Lima

The Lima has solid rubber wear pads that provide better traction. They are breathable and feature a more modern and athletic design than other styles.

Sold by Amazon

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