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Nike Launches Hands-Free FlyEase Slip-On Sneakers | Connect FM | Local news radio


(NEW YORK) — Nike has unveiled its first “hands-free” sneaker.

New Nike Go FlyEase Shoes are reinventing the way athletes can put on and take off their shoes on the go.

The unique design features a bi-stable hinge that stays open and extended when the shoe is not being worn and closes once it’s on your foot.

There’s also a kickstand heel that replicates the number of people who typically take their shoes off. It is strategically placed to function without compromising heel appearance.

In addition to the bi-stable hinge and kickstand heel, the Nike Go FlyEase sneakers include what the brand has dubbed a “diving board,” which has the sole purpose of achieving a continuous footbed for added comfort and support. stability.

Another standout feature is the tensioner band that holds the shoe open and closed to snap the shoe into position.

Nike tapped champion fencer Bebe Vio for his thoughts on their latest innovation and he shared how he usually has to spend so much time to get in his shoes.

“With the Nike GO FlyEase, I just need to put my feet in it and jump on it,” Vio said. in a report. “Shoes are a new kind of technology, not just for adaptive athletes, but for everyone’s real life.”

The “hands-free” sneakers will retail for $120 and come in three brightly colored styles. Nike GO FlyEase will initially be available to select Nike members in North America, EMEA and Japan on February 15. A wider deployment is planned in the coming months.

There’s already plenty of praise for the upcoming sneaker launch on social media, with fan Román Ruiz on Twitter saying, “Hyped for the @Nike #GOFlyEase my sister lost the use of her left arm in 2007 and it would be awesome for her.”

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