Slip-on sneakers

Target Raquel Slip-On Sneakers | Fashion POPSUGAR

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If I could write a love letter to the slip-on shoes in my closet, I would. They’re simple, they’re easy, and they come in so many cute styles, so I run errands and attend meetings in the same pair. Imagine my delight when I heard my beloved target was selling her own slip-on sneakers for just $35 – like I needed another reason to shop there.

The Raquel sneakers from Target’s A New Day line may play tricks on your eyes, but the laces you see are merely decorative. Instead, these kicks require very little effort to slide in and out. I breathe a sigh of relief just *thinking* about the reduced airport security time. The casual shoes are available in grey, black and dusty pink, to complete the look you are going for on any given day. Plus, their mesh upper gives these sneakers a premium athleisure look. What more could you ask for in a stylish shoe?

Target buyers are already clamoring for their own pairs and giving rave reviews. “These little pink sneakers are so comfy…and best of all, they slip on right away,” a satisfied customer wrote. If you’re intrigued by these kicks, keep reading to see what they look like in stores and how they look, and buy them for yourself.