Slip-on sneakers

The 14 Best Slip-on Sneakers for Women in 2022

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When it comes to the very best sneakers of 2022it’s not often just a pair of slip-on sneakers at the top of my personal shopping list. The easy-on-easy-off style is known for its comfort, and not always for its sleek qualities. However, several brands have dropped some very fashionable options this year. So we’ve put together a guide to all the best slip-on sneakers to buy in 2022, whatever your price tag.

It makes sense that I’m looking for a new pair to try; I’m a bit of a sneaker expert at this point. My own personal sneaker collection is growing at a rapid pace these days, and I’m still looking for new pairs. I already found the the coolest white sneakers and the few of best black sneakers in the market that I have alternated daily this season. I’ve even broken down the best sneakers by brand, starting with my list of the best Nike sneakers for all uses and styles. Chunky sneakers? I have a few in my collection at this point. To splurge worthy designer sneakers? There are a few that I like too. Slip-on sneakers, with their simple colorways and easy-to-style silhouettes, are the final frontier in my collection.

Keep reading to find all the cutest women’s slip-on sneakers I could find. These choices are simple, yes, but think of them not for their statement qualities, but for the fact that they are then comfortable. Some of the best slip-on sneakers on this list are known for their arch support, while others come in too many colors and patterns to count.