Slip-on sneakers

The best slip-on sneakers for men 2022: 15 easy-to-wear shoes that make everyone else feel like a nuisance

The best slip-on sneakers for men are more casual than a section of Whole Foods products. First and foremost, they have no laces! By simply removing that stuffy formality, they become shoes you can wear anytime (and with whatever) you want: chinos and jeans if your office skews wild-casual sweatpants when you’re running to grab the latest bunch of beefsteak tomatoes from said produce section, or a killer swimsuit on your next trip to the beach. Their low-profile design ensures easy styling when you have better things to think about, like finding the perfect patch of sand to plant your beach chair.

But not all slip-on sneakers for men are as casual as one might expect. Looking to dress up your summer suit? Chances are there’s a buttery soft version, made in Italy with your name on it, and chances are it’s on this list. (Still don’t think you can wear them with a costume? Just ask Frank Ocean.) Below are 15 GQ-approved pairs available to buy right now, each expressly designed to send your shoes to. shoelaces on your way to bed and help you beat the after-work grocery rush while your competitors are still untying their dress shoes.

The best all-around slip-on sneakers

Vans Classic Check Slip-On Sneakers

What do surfers, punk rockers and Frank Ocean have in common? An undying love for Vans slip-ons, the ultimate of their kind since the brand launched them in the late 70s. It’s hard to see this honorific up for grabs anytime soon. Affordable, widely available and effortless, undeniably cool, they’re title holders for a reason – and if you want to do like Frank, a new pair is always one of the easiest ways to imbue a suit with a touch of flair. of laid-back SoCal swagger.

Slip-on sneakers ready for the outdoors

merrell jungle loafer sneakers

Just because you’re heading out into the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to dress like a ranger. Merrell is no stranger to advanced summer footwear, but the brand’s Jungle Mocs (yes, those Jungle Mocs) are as functional as they are deviant. They’re designed with the same kind of features as your best hiking boots, but without all the bulk, so you can bring some credibility to your next camping trip. If that all sounds a little over the top, relax: you can also rock them for a $6 latte when you’re back in town.

Old-School slip-on sneakers

Converse Chuck 70 Mule Trainers

Of course, these are technically mules, not real blue slip-ons. But if you’re still clinging to your old-school lace-ups, backless versions abound. The best of the bunch might be Converse’s drop-top Chucks, which feature the same legendary silhouette you know and love less about the hard work of lacing and unlacing them every time you have to run out. Like the convertible version of your favorite sports car, they take something already great and make it more summery, while letting the wind blow around your, uh, ankles.

The insanely luxurious slip-on sneakers

‘Dean’ Row Suede Slip-On Sneakers

The Row is famous (and beloved) for taking the trappings of the good life — soft cashmere sweaters, belted trench coats, perfectly tailored pleated pants — and simplified them to near-anonymity. So it follows that the brand’s slip-ons are just as much about what is not there like what is: no flashy designer logos, no garish pops of color, just buttery suede uppers and a creamy rubber sole. In other words, these are top-notch sneakers ready to take you to your friend’s next gallery opening or hang on your shoe rack when you get home.

The extremely current slip-on sneakers

1017 ALYX 9SM mono sneakers

EVA sneakers, in all their spongy comfort, are having a serious time. Take a look at any store worth its weight in fashionable kicks and you’re bound to come across at least one riff on the material – OGs at Crocs, for example, or luxury whistles at Fear. of God and Yeezy. But Alyx’s white-hot slip-on could be the Platonic take on the shape. Crafted from an ultra-smooth foam rubber, it shares more in common with a sculptural object than the sneakers he rubs his toes with – if a statuesque object was as comfortable as your favorite pair of Birks.

Plus 9 other slip-on shoes we love

Stepney Workers Club ‘Lister’ Suede Slip-On Trainers

London-based Stepney Worker’s Club proves that not all slip-on shoes need come from this side of the pond to tap into the style’s timeless California cool.

A-Cold-Wall* moccasin leather slip-on sneakers

Rugged, hike-ready kicks, now in drop-top form.

Visvim “Zahra” Slip-On Sneakers

Need a pair of slip-on shoes designed to last much longer than just one season? Surprise, surprise: Visvim is selling a pair made with the best materials money (and a good chunk of it) can buy.

Adidas “Nizza RF” Slip-On Shoes

They may be a favorite of people who do kickflips daily, but they’ll look great if you’ve never set foot on a board.

Acne Studios “Ballow” crinkle effect slip-on sneakers

Not everyone is a fan of pristine white kicks – and canvas slip-ons are meant to be beat anyway.

Monumental “Mallow” slip-on sneakers by Givenchy

Another variant of the genre designed by Matthew Williams, thanks to his side gig as a big boss of men’s fashion at Givenchy.

Everlane “Forever” Slip-On Sneakers

By nature, slip-ons are quite simple. But they don’t make them much cleaner than that.

Nike Go FlyEase sneakers

Putting your shoes on before a workout has never been easier and taking them off afterwards has never been so satisfying.

Vans Vault UA OG LX Classic Slip-On Sneakers

Vans aficionados know that a pair of slip-ons is never just a pair of slip-ons. This version looks a lot like the silhouette highlighted above, but its boosted shape nods to the silhouette’s ’70s roots.