Slip-on sneakers

The slip-on sneakers that go with everything in my suitcase

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They say that if you give someone the right pair of shoes, they can conquer the world; and I’m here to prove that there is some truth to that sentiment.

As a seasoned traveler, my idea of ​​the right pair of shoes goes something like this: they should be versatile and functional, but also cute, comfortable, and fairly affordable. In an ideal world, they would also be easy to clean, well packaged and perhaps, correct perhaps they would also be made from sustainable materials. After all, if I have to travel the world, I’d also like to do my part to help protect it as much as possible.

I found all these qualities (and more) in gray and white Momentum sneakers by Avre. These slip-on sneakers are in such high rotation in my life that I’ve actually considered buying a few more spare pairs just to have them on hand. I’m a sucker for a clean, crisp, white sneaker, and this classic style is athletic enough to keep up with my daily five-mile walks, but also trendy enough to pair with skinny jeans, shorts, skirts, jumpsuits or dresses when I run around town. In short, they go with everything. If I had to pick one pair of shoes to take with me on all my travels, this would be it.

Plus, they really are the perfect airport shoes as they slip on and off in seconds and they’re incredibly light and breathable which is a godsend since my feet tend to swell with cabin pressure. Better yet, you can always throw them in the washing machine for a quick refresh if they look a little dusty or dirty after your urban or outdoor adventures.

I should also add that the brand is owned by two Asian American sisters, and there’s nothing I love more than supporting small businesses started by badass women of color. The innovative and eco-conscious duo have designed a very chic line of sports shoes (with even more styles to choose from!) in recycled materials that reduce waste and give a second life to plastic. In addition, 10% of profits are also donated to Oceane, equality now, and girls in tech of each pair of shoes purchased.

As if that weren’t enough, each Avre shoe is knitted with fibers from Repreve and is created from the recycled PET plastic of approximately 10 water bottles. Their proprietary technology dramatically reduces waste by creating precise sizing and eliminating the creation of scraps, which is about the most admirable quality I’ve heard from a fashion company in quite some time.

So run, don’t walk, and get yourself a pair of these insanely perfect sneakers. I couldn’t love mine more.