Slip-on sneakers

The user-friendly way to wear slip-on sneakers

Every day of every month at GQ, we start your morning on Instagram with visual tips on what to wear today. But we want to go further. Giving you the nuts and bolts of how to get the look in your wardrobe. Until today: sneakers to put on at work

If you’re a busy type of guy whose days include the 15,000 steps your smartwatch tells you to take and you prefer a standing desk, the only sensible solution is more comfortable shoes. We’re talking more cushioning with more bouncy soles. And for guys who need to shave a few minutes off their morning routine, slip-on sneakers are the easiest shoes to slip into when you’re running late or just can’t be bothered to tie your shoelaces.

Still, making sneakers look appropriate for the office is a styling challenge capable of baffling even the most seasoned dressers. Unless, however, it’s a stylish pair of leather slip-on shoes. Their clean silhouette and rich leather upper make these dress skate shoes your best bet for bridging the gap between office style and comfort. They also make any costume infinitely cooler. The way to make style work in the workplace is to opt for a pair in black or deep navy (i.e. all-business hues). (Save the colors that satisfy your inner peacock – orange, yellow, olive green – for the weekend).

The most important detail to nail here is the hem of your pants. A small ankle is needed to get the most style out of your comfortable slip-on kicks. And a hem that’s too long or too wide detracts from the elegance you’re looking for when adding them to a look. See how actor Dev Patel kept things neat and tidy with a pair of unbreakable tapered pants from the pages of GQ. This move is easier to do without socks or with a pair of no-shows. But if you’re really feeling the skater vibe, a pair of chunky ribbed socks will complete the look. After that, all you have to do is walk out your front door with the confidence of a man who knows he looks good.