Slip-on sneakers

These are the most comfortable slip-on sneakers I’ve ever worn – and they’re ridiculously cute too

Living in a big city means I’m up a lot: I walk to work, I often run from cafe to restaurant during the day, and even after 5 p.m. you can find me walking to an event. To put it simply, I don’t give my feet much time to rest, so I wear comfortable shoes, like my current favorite: Naturalizer Marianne Slip-On Sneakers ($55;—is so important to me.

Now, I know where your mind is probably going the moment you hear “comfortable” shoes: straight to the chunky, chunky orthopedic that lines your grandpa’s closet. I’m going to stop you there, just because comfort is my priority, is that not means I’m willing to sacrifice style. A lot of my days are a mix of quick errands and meetings where I want to look presentable, so I like to wear nice casual shoes that complement my look.

Rebecca Shinners

Rebecca Shinners

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Enter: slip-on sneakers. When this style started gaining popularity a few years ago, I jumped on the bandwagon. Gone are the frumpy commuter shoes of my past; anything with laces was tucked away in the back of my closet and reserved for actual physical activity like workouts or hikes.

Years passed and I wore the same pair of black slip-on sneakers over and over. I loved them so much that I bought a new version in the same style every year after wearing out my old pair. I thought I had struck gold with these beauties and that no new shoe could ever replace them, but it turns out I was wrong. You see, every time I bought a new pair of my old favorites, it took me about a week to wear them. “Why don’t they feel the same? » I thought as I put them on my feet.

So when I recently tried on a new pair of Naturalizer Marianne without laces, I was blown away by how comfortable they felt instantly from the minute I put them on. You don’t have to wear these sneakers, you can literally buy them and go out without worrying about blisters or pain. The brand’s N5 Contour technology makes the insole so soft and spongy you’ll feel like you’re floating through the streets. And so far my shoes have held their shape, feeling as comfortable as the first day I put them on.

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To buy: Marianne Naturalizer Slip-On Sneakersfrom $50;,

As far as design is concerned, there is currently a huge 34 color options available on, and a few different fabrics to choose from. I have the white perforated leather option and love how sleek the shoe looks with pretty much anything in my closet. While these shoes were initially my favorite for commuting and running errands, I’ve since worn them to the office with flowy skirts and dresses to make them more casual. Last week, I was forced to take only hand luggage for a week-long trip to Germany and Austria. Normally this would have been an impossible feat for an overpacker like me, but the Naturalizer slip-on sneakers changed that: they go so well with anything and everything – and I knew I could walk in them for hours and hours without pain or discomfort – that they were the only sneakers I brought with me.

Case in point: I was able to wear these sneakers with my flowiest dress to visit Hohensalzburg Castle in Salzburg, Austria, pictured here.

My friends and I traveled at a brisk pace to see as much as possible, which meant our days were long and we did a ton of walking in the city centers. My feet may have been tired a few times, but they never hurt. Even my heels, which are the first to hurt after a long day, still felt great at night. The only thing to note is that these trainers run a bit large so I would consider going down the size to prevent your feet from slipping at all.

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Now that I have returned from my trip, I am more obsessed with my Naturalizer briefs than ever. And with cooler weather approaching, I have big plans to order another pair in black to go with my sweaters and leather leggings. Grab a pair of the most comfortable slip-on sneakers I’ve ever worn in Amazon Where Nordströmand they could also become your favorite fall shoe.

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