Brogue shoes

What are Brogue Shoes and how do you style them?

Brogue shoes are a type of lace-up leather shoe with a flat heel and a perforated pattern. Well, to find out more, you will have to follow this article!

Oxford Shoes

The brogue is a type of low-heeled shoe or boot that has always been associated with outdoor or country footwear and is characterized by durable, multi-piece leather uppers. Otherwise, they were considered inappropriate for informal or business settings.
Today, brogues can also be found as women’s high-heeled shoes, sneakers, or dress shoes in addition to their traditional form of durable leather shoes or boots.

How can we style them?

Besides being chic and fashionable, oxfords can add intrigue to any ensemble. They are a must-have style. Whether it’s the open-laced Derby or the closed-laced Oxford, these shoes can completely complement your outfit, whether you’re preparing for a smart-casual occasion or a semi-formal affair.
The most recognizable styles are full brogues, while half brogues, sometimes called semi-brogues, are more formal. It can go with many different outfits.
Quarter brogues are a common choice for the workplace and are perfect for formal and corporate settings.