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Unveil the Mystic & Captivating Charm of These ‘Dark Cottagecore’ Baby Names

Dark cottagecore names are exactly what you’d think they would be — weathered but beautiful, the perfect combination of homespun charm and dark mysticism — just like the dark cottagecore aesthetic itself. To fully capture the vibe, think of a cozy cottage in the woods … but those woods are slightly eerie, draped in a rolling fog that never seems to go away. Birds vocalize through the forest and flit from tree to tree … but those birds are crows, ravens, and owls. The windows of the cottage emit a glow from a roaring fire in the cobblestone fireplace within … but there’s a blackened cauldron on that fire, brewing up a mysterious unknown potion. Will it kill you? Will it cure you? You never know — and that’s the essence of these dark cottagecore names.

They’re vintage classics, like Amelia, Benjamin, or Rose, but not as sweet; these names have more bite. If you’re looking for an approachable-sounding name that’s not extremely dark (no Lucifers or Blades here!), but still gives off a bit of a “don’t mess with me” vibe, these dark cottagecore names are the perfect choice. They’re unique, so there won’t be three or four different Sabines or Sorens in your child’s grade at school — but they’re also recognizable enough to not sound “out there.”

Dark cottagecore names bridge the gap between light and shadow, between the mundane and the mystical. Whether your little one is brewing potions or catching fireflies, give them a name that encompasses the best of both worlds.



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