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Rumors Surrounding Prince William’s Relationship With Rose Hanbury Are at an All-Time High Amid Kate Middleton’s Recovery

If you haven’t been on the internet the past few weeks, then chances are you may not be aware of all the rumors surrounding Kate Middleton’s whereabouts. While the palace has said, and re-confirmed, that Kate wouldn’t be seen in the public eye until sometime around Easter while she’s recovering from her mystery abdominal surgery. People are convinced she’s missing or in a coma, and as if the rumors couldn’t be more out of control, people are bringing up Rose Hanbury in all of this.

When you take a peek at the royal side of X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, many believe Kate’s absence is all due to Prince William’s alleged relationship with Hanbury.

One user said, “I think Kate Middleton served William divorce papers cause she’s over the cheating but did it as Charles found out he’s dying so the palace said, ‘Can’t have an unmarried King’ and now they’re doing EVERYTHING to make her stay but she’s refusing to participate in the charade now,” with many adding they think Hanbury will be in the picture.

Another X user said, “If they Princess Diana’d Kate to Camilla Rose Hanbury…,” and another user added, “’Here it is. Kate’s abdominal surgery is a get away cause William keeps getting on with Rose Hanbury.”

HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton are greeted by Rose Cholmondeley, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images.

So, for those who don’t know, Hanbury and Kate were friends for years, and in 2019, the Sun published a piece saying the two had a falling out (which, according to Richard Kay, nearly left both getting legal action in response). Then, writers Giles Coren and Nicole Cliffe both claimed they knew about the alleged affair between William and Hanbury in 2019, per IBTimes.

William’s lawyers reportedly issued a legal warning, but no one in this story has publicly acknowledged the rumors. An insider from the royal family told The Daily Beast: “There has never been any enmity between Kate and Rose. The rumors were all a load of rubbish. The family are ancient allies of the Crown and they will be there.”

There has been no physical or tangible proof of an affair besides deleted tweets and hearsay. While Kate and Hanbury have allegedly reconnected after Charles III’s Coronation, the three have kept quiet about the situation, but the rumors are swirling once again at an all-time high amid Kate’s absence.

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