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Rose Hanbury’s Super-Rare Post Shows Where Her Priorities Are Amid Prince William Rumors

During the colossal rumor mill surrounding Rose Hanbury and Prince William amid Kate Middleton’s absence from the public, eagle-eyed internet users saw that Hanbury may have posted something that shows where her head is amid the rumors.

On March 2, the Instagram account for Houghton Hall posted a super-rare photo with the caption reading, “Ryan Gander’s ‘Really shiny things that don’t mean anything.'”

Houghton Hall is the home of Hanbury, her husband, and their three children. If you look farther back, you can see that there have been multiple posts of Hanbury with her children, or posts showing off her design collection. It’s unclear if she’s the one who runs the account or if someone has posted for her, but there are photos from her private life on there, along with beautiful pics of the building.

Now, in the photo, we see a blonde-haired child looking at a metal sculpture, and per past, super-rare photos, we’ve gathered that this is probably her daughter Iris!

And with her post coming out after all the rumors started to swirl again about her and William, it’s clear that she’s not thinking about those rumors, and is focusing on her family of five.

David Cholmondeley (L), Rose Cholmondeley. David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for The Serpentine Gallery

Rose and her husband David Rocksavage met back in 2003 at a party, and started dating three years later in 2006. In 2009, they announced their engagement, and later, they said that they were expecting. They wed soon after, and later welcomed share three children: twins named Earl of Rocksavage Alexander Hugh George and Lord Oliver Timothy George, born on Oct 12, 2009, and Lady Iris Marina Aline, born March 2016.

In a previous, super-rare interview with The English Home, Hanbury revealed that not only do her twin sons have separate rooms, but they also have separate living quarters in their 106-room home. “The boys are really lucky to have a bedroom each, one in each cupola. Both rooms are hexagonal and my cousin painted the ceilings; one has a night sky and the other a day sky. Both are really magical,” she said.

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