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I’m a Pregnant Shopping Editor, & These Are the Maternity Leggings I Can’t Live Without

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As someone who basically lived in leggings pre-pregnancy, I knew my very first investment in pregnancy gear would be maternity leggings, specifically designed to support a growing belly. It’s my first pregnancy, so there’s still so much I’m learning — even for a shopping editor who’s written and researched maternity gear for work. Like, did I even really need maternity leggings, or can I just throw on any old stretchy pair?

“You’ll definitely need maternity leggings,” my boss, SHE Media Chief Content Officer Cristina Velocci informed me. Later, speaking with a urogynecologist, I learned why: As the bump grows, it really helps to have a waist that covers the midline of the belly and provides support and comfort.

Best Maternity Leggings at a Glance

Best Overall: Beyond Yoga, Spacedye Love the Bump Midi Maternity Legging, $108
Best Non-Maternity: Lululemon, Align High-Rise Mini Flared Leggings, $118
Best Seamless: Knix, BlissFit Maternity Leggings, $50
Best Affordable Performance Leggings: Quince, Performance Maternity & Postpartum Leggings, $30

If you’re in the same boat as I was a few weeks ago, you’re in the right place! For the past month, I’ve been testing a handful of top athleisure brands’ maternity (and one non-maternity) offerings to find out exactly which maternity leggings are the very best. I’m currently 13 weeks along, so I’ll be updating this article every month or so with more selections and updated photos of how my leggings fit my growing bump, giving you the best of the best intel essentially in real-ish time.

What To Look for in Maternity Leggings — According to an Expert

Urogynecologist and co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Her Pelvic Floor: What the F*@# is Going On Down There ($20), Dr. Victoria Scott tells us that, most importantly, leggings should be flexible and supportive for pregnancy. “You also want to make sure they are breathable so you don’t overheat,” she says. Something I will definitely take into consideration, considering my third trimester is smack dab in the middle of summer. “It is common to have swelling in your legs during pregnancy and leggings with adequate support can help improve circulation and reduce swelling,” Dr. Scott adds.

While you’re likely to make due with regular leggings when your bump is small (your first trimester), “you will probably prefer leggings with a waist that goes under the belly” as you get bigger. “You may find leggings with a waist that fits at the midline of your belly or over it to be more comfortable,” Dr. Scott says.

What to Avoid in Maternity Leggings, According to an Expert

Comfort is key — so if your leggings aren’t making you feel good, they’re probably not the ones you want to wear. This seems obvious, but I tried wearing a pair of regular Spanx faux leather leggings the other night for my sister’s birthday dinner, and I was regretting my decision after appetizers. So, truly, not all leggings are created equal when it comes to staying comfy while pregnant. “Make sure leggings are not too tight and you are comfortable,” Dr. Scott says, adding, “You also want to make sure they are opaque and do not become transparent with stretching.” Stretchy, soft material is key. Look for materials like Elastane, nylon, spandex, and four-way stretch.

Another factor to consider is color. “Black and dark colors are great, because they can hide the inevitable urinary incontinence with laughing or sneezing that comes along with your growing belly,” Dr. Scott says.

Experts in This Article

Dr. Victoria Scott: Urogynecologist and co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Her Pelvic Floor: What the F*@# is Going On Down There

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The Best Maternity Leggings I’ve Tested in 2024

best overall

Beyond Yoga, Spacedye Love the Bump Midi Maternity Legging

I’ve been a big fan of Beyond Yoga for years. The brand has the most comfortable, soft medium-to-low impact leggings (perfect for yoga, walks, jogs, and lounging) made with their proprietary Spacedye material, a buttery fabric that feels like nothing at all. So, I wasn’t surprised when I tried their maternity leggings and instantly fell in love with them. They’re currently in my top rotation, and the pair that will get me through first, second, and third trimester feeling comfy and supported.

While I’m only 13 weeks and have a small bump, I’ve found myself resisting anything with too much compression. Even though at this point, Baby is the size of a lemon (aww), I’m constantly bloated (sorry, TMI) and need a gentle, forgiving (four-way stretch) fabric that lets me live my life. I’ve walked, napped, and lounged around in these (I honestly haven’t had the energy to go back to the gym, so TBD on that front), and have honestly forgotten to take them off at night before going to sleep. These also don’t require extra care when washing: Just throw them in the washer and dry along with the rest of your clothes. As a nice bonus, the material also offers UV protection. I ordered my normal size, which fit, but some reviewers did say they had to size up.

The Love the Bump maternity leggings are what I consider my “Goldilocks” find: They’re not too compressive, not too loose — they’re juuuuust right.

Sizes available: XS-XL
87% polyester, 13% Elastane


Pajama-like feel
Great for all stages of pregnancy
Tons of color options
Easy to take care of
UV protection



best non-maternity maternity leggings

Lululemon, Align High-Rise Mini-Flared Pant Regular

I’ve been dying to try a pair of Lululemon Align flares (what can I say, I’m easily TikTok-influenced!), so I was relieved to find out that a lot of pregnant people actually swear by them even though they’re not specifically designed for maternity wear. After testing out a pair of a few weeks, I can attest that these are a great pair of non-maternity leggings that provide enough stretch and give for a growing tummy — although I will report back when I’m bigger.

I wear the Align High-Rise flares when, simply put, I want to look more put together. It turns out, “looking put together” is Herculean task these days, since I absolutely feel like a slug no matter what I wear or do or think. These make me feel cute and stylish, even if I’m wearing them with UGG boots or, in the photo above, my favorite pair of fluffy Birkenstocks with socks. I could easily wear these to the office with some cute sneakers and nice sweater, and I don’t think anyone would bat an eye that I’m rolling in wearing leggings.

Made with Lululemon’s legendary Nulu fabric, these are soft and weightless — perfect for low-to-medium impact activities like yoga or napping (my preferred workout routine lately). The four-way stretch is ultra forgiving as my bump (and thighs and butt) grow, and the material is also sweat-wicking which comes in clutch as apparently all the hormones make me sweat profusely all the time (again, sorry, TMI). They’re also just very, very flattering. I think they accentuate my features and kind of suck everything in without acting compressive at all. Overall, big win in my book.

For washing, wash with similar colors, machine wash cold, and tumblr dry low for best upkeep.

Sizes available: 0-20
81% nylon, 19 % Lycra® Elastane


Super flattering
Great for pre- and post-pregnancy


May not be supportive enough later in pregnancy

best seamless

Knix, BlissFit Maternity Legging

As someone who loves Knix period undies, I was excited to try their maternity legging offering: The BlissFit Maternity Legging. Can confirm: The leggings live up to their name.

What makes the BlissFit leggings stand out from the crowd is their seamless design and ample tummy panel (which while I haven’t grown into yet, provides tons and tons of room for when Baby gets bigger). They look very sleek (more like tights vs. leggings), and they provide ample amount of stretching. They’re also a bit more compressive than the rest of the leggings I’ve tried so far, which makes me wonder what they’ll be like at the gym — I’ll definitely report back on this once I have the energy to walk more than five minutes at a time.

Unlike the Love the Bump and Align leggings, these aren’t super soft — the material is lightweight and feels good on the skin, but it’s not the type of leggings you’ll forget you’re wearing and fall asleep in (although, I’ve fallen asleep in them several times already!) Compared to the other leggings I’m testing, the price tag on these is also far more reasonable. So, if you’re looking for a solid pair of black, seamless leggings, I’ve really loved the BlissFit so far.

When washing, use the cold cycle. Air dry to keep its shape.

Sizes available: S-XXXL
90% polyamide, 10% spandex


One of the only seamless maternity leggings on the market
Gives sleek look
Ideal for growing, bigger bellies (think third trimester)
Best size range


Comes in one color
Isn’t the softest material

best affordable performance maternity leggings

Quince, Performance Maternity & Postpartum Leggings

These leggings reminded me a lot of the Oprah-beloved brand Girlfriend Collective’s Compressive Pocket Legging (and it’s likely a dupe, as Quince is known for creating more affordable versions of popular products). My absolute favorite aspect about these was the pocket — none of my other leggings had this feature! And I’m always carrying something in my pocket, whether it’s my phone or some dog treats. Another plus? The price. At just under $30, you get a good deal for a decent pair of leggings that are designed to actually support your activities.

While I know these are performance leggings, I haven’t actually tried them at the gym yet (if you scrolled past the other leggings reviews, just know that I haven’t made it back to the gym since finding out I was pregnant), but I have taken long dog walks with them, and I’ve also worn them while cleaning the house, which is totally a workout if you’re pregnant and zapped of any energy. Unlike the other leggings, these feel like sporty leggings. They’re not buttery, and they don’t feel like they could be pajamas — I’d only wear these if I have a bunch of movement on my schedule.

With that said, there’s a lot to love about these: They offer four-way stretch, they’re moisture-wicking and have anti-bacterial properties (great if you sweat a lot), and they dry fast. The full panel waistband also offers plenty of room for a growing belly, so this is a great pair of leggings that’ll last you from first to third trimester.

Are they the most snuggly leggings? Not really, honestly. BUT snuggly-ness isn’t quite their function. So, if you’re looking for a good workout legging that won’t break the bank, this pair from Quince will do the trick.

Sizes available: XS-XL
78% nylon, 22% spandex


Great for those who sweat a lot
Built-in anti-microbial properties
Has pocket
Easy on the wallet


Not soft
Not the most flattering

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